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Welcome to the IESE Healthcare Club Website!


Our mission:

" To position the IESE MBA as the leading MBA talent pool for healthcare companies through increasing the understanding of the industry and careers among students and supporting them in pursuing a career in healthcare."


To achieve our mission, the IESE Healthcare Club has prepared an ambitious calendar of events and activities for the academic year 2015-2016. These events are mainly divided into three categories: "Learn about the Heatlhcare sector", "Network within the Healthcare sector" & "Getting a job in the Healthcare sector", with many events belonging to two or more categories.



  • Seminars to understand the different MBA roles in the Healthcare industry: "A day in the life of..." seminars series. (Learn & Network)
  • Seminars by IESE professors and IESE Career Services about the structure and challenges of the Healthcare industry. (Learn)
  • Seminars about different types of companies in the Healthcare sector: Pharma, biotech, venture capital, consulting, start-ups... given by professionals of such industries. (Learn & Network)
  • Company visits in the Barcelona area. (Learn, Network & Job)


  • Healthcare Trek to Basel, Switzerland, December 7th and 8th 2015. (Network & Job)


  • Seminar on strategies on how to apply to Heatlhcare jobs and internships, by IESE Career Services. (Learn & Job)
  • Panel with MBA class of 2016 summer interns in Heatlhcare. (Network & Job)
  • Year-round coaching on CV and cover letter preparation for Healthcare applications (Learn & Job)