Mon, Oct 4, 2021

7 PM – 10 PM (GMT+2)

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We all know the struggles: “Do I apply in Dubai or UK or both?”, “What about Mexico, given that I speak Spanish?”, “Do I need to speak German to enter Consulting in Germany?”. We are going to answer all these questions and share experiences of IESE students who have been in your shoes in the past and successfully made this move.
Because of the overlapping interest for several regions, we decided to split the gatherings into 2 days. We highly encourage you to visit as many of the events as possible, as this is the easiest way for you to figure out whether a certain region might be a good fit or not. We also created individual WhatsApp groups for the regions with the highest demand in which you can ask questions and meet people from the region (2nd years will be in this group too). We anticipate these groups to become one of your main point of reference for specific regional related questions, specially when the application window opens. As per the event, all the events will be similarly structured and consist of: (i) region recruiting stats, (ii) company deep dive, (iii) almuni / 2nd year panel and (iv) next steps.
Finally we are organising networking drinks with 2nd years who have interned in that region. We are still sorting out the venue details, just keep your Monday / Wednesday evening free in case you’d like to join them.

Here are your next steps summarised:
1. Join the WhatsApp group of your interested country (zoom links for the events will be shared in this group)
2. Attend the events on the respective day, feel free come prepared with questions for the panelist
3. Join the networking event afterwards (venue to be shared in the WhatsApp group)

Monday, 04.10.2021

Middle East: 7pm (
Mexico: 8pm (
BeNeLux & Scandinavia: 8pm

Wednesday, 06.10.2021

Latam (excl. Mexico): 6pm (
North America: 6pm (
Spain: 7pm (
DACH: 7.30 pm (
UK: 8pm (


Private Location (register to display)

Private Location (register to display)

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