Guest Speakers: Thiago Monteiro, CEO & Jochen Doppelhammer, Co-Founder @ Saveboost

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Networking event

Mon, 29 Jan 2018

1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

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B-301 South Campus

Avenida Pearson 21, Barcelona, Spain

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The CEO of Saveboost, Thiago Monteiro, and Co-Founder, Jochen Doppelhammer, will come to IESE campus to present the innovation happening at this start-up! You will be able to network for possible internship opportunities in the following areas:

1) Marketing role: building brand, driving growth, educating the "uninvested" population and helping them to participate in the market
2) Savings ("Investment") advisor role: managing our savings in different asset classes (from cryptocurrencies to real-estate & pension funds) and partnership development

[About Saveboost]
Saveboost makes it easy to save money. Saveboost is a digital piggy bank that automatically collects some cents for you every time real life events happen. So you can live your life while we help you save some money on the way.
- Buy something and save the spare change automatically.
- Walk and save some cents every km you walk.
- Freelancing?
Save 30% of your income automatically. We believe everybody can have a healthy financial life and our mission is to make saving and investing easy and accessible. There's no need anymore to struggle to save and to be rich to invest. Saveboost was created by a team of digital experts in creating innovative products with a great user experience. Before Saveboost, we created Simyo, UppTalk and Shazam.

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B-301 South Campus

Avenida Pearson 21, Barcelona, Spain

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Fintech club

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