Rethinking Fashion: Circular Models in the Fashion Industry

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Tue, Mar 2, 2021

5 PM – 5:55 PM (GMT+1)

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At the 18th edition of Doing Good Doing Well, industry leaders will join Desiree Pacheco, Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship, to discuss their innovations, goals, and challenges on their journey to achieve their ambitious goals of Circularity.

In the panel discussion, representatives from Nike, Inditex, Circle Economy, and GANNI, will join us to discuss the future of the industry and obstacles the industry needs to overcome in order to shift from a linear model to a circular one. From the exploration of new business models to the need for more collaborative planning between brands and suppliers, they will discuss what is required for the industry to be more circular.

Noel Kinder – CSO, Nike
Lauren Bartley – CSO, GANNI
Iria Mouzo Leston – Inditex
Gwen Cunningham - Circle Economy

Desirée Pacheco


Noel Kinder's profile photo

Noel Kinder

Chief Sustainability Officer


Noel Kinder is Nike’s Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO). As the CSO, Noel leads Global Sustainability, a team committed to protecting our planet to maintain an environment where all athletes can train, live and thrive. Prior to becoming the CSO, Noel was the Vice President of Sustainable Manufacturing and Sourcing, where he was responsible for collaborating with Nike Inc.'s business units, contracted factory leadership, representatives in academia and within the NGO community on the evolution of the company's sustainable business performance policies.

Noel joined Nike in 1999 and has held a wide range of leadership positions in the footwear and apparel divisions as well as roles in strategic planning and finance. In 2013, Noel became the General Manager of Nike Vietnam LLC, one of Nike’s largest sourcing countries, and was responsible for all manufacturing operations. He has worked with a wide range of manufacturers; from textile and apparel production in Sri Lanka and Eastern Europe to footwear manufacturing in Brazil and throughout Asia. Prior to Nike, Noel held roles that included leadership in several non-profit organizations as well small, privately-held companies in the United States. He has also served in the United States Peace Corps, spending two years in Honduras.

Noel holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from the University of Oregon and a

Master’s degree in Business from Portland State University. He is fluent in Spanish.

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Gwen Cunningham

Lead Circle Textiles Programme

Circle Economy

Gwen Cunningham leads Circle Economy’s Textiles Programme and is the Sustainability Coordinator at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. In both roles, her focus is in the design and execution of cutting edge initiatives focused on increasing the circularity acumen of brands, educators and students. Gwen’s passion lies in developing new knowledge, tools and processes that can successfully guide organisations and individuals in transforming circular intent to action.

Gwen was born in Ireland, and trained as an apparel designer in her hometown of Dublin. In her role as designer, Gwen became critically aware of, and increasingly uncomfortable with, the linear nature of the apparel industry. A drive to inspire change and to design new systems, not new products- led her to Amsterdam and to Circle Economy and the Amsterdam Fashion Institute.

In her dual role as Lead for the Textiles Programme at Circle Economy and Sustainability Coordinator and Lecturer at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, Gwen's mission is to build the circular skillset and mindset of the current and next generation of fashion professionals, by equipping them with the new knowledge, tools and processes that can

successfully transform circular intent to action.

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Lauren Bartley

Head of Sustainability and CSR


Lauren Bartley is Head of Sustainability & CSR at Danish fashion brand GANNI. Prior to GANNI, Lauren spent eight years at UK based brands Oasis and Warehouse fashion before moving into organic cosmetics and textiles at UK based Certification body Soil Association. Lauren was voted in the Top 25 personalities working in Organic cosmetics in 2016 and 2017. Lauren is now responsible for the inception, development and implementation of GANNI’s Sustainability & CSR strategy, latterly known as the Responsibility Gameplan, comprising of 44 goals across People, Planet, Product and


Iria Mouzo Lestón's profile photo

Iria Mouzo Lestón

Head of Circularity & Sustainability Public Affairs Manager


Iria Mouzo is an experienced leader with 14 years of strategy building experience in specialty retail. Since 2020 is Head of Circularity & Global Sustainability Public Affairs Manager and champions the design, development, adoption, and implementation of circular economy strategy at Inditex Group. She leads advocacy management with policymakers, civil society and stakeholders about sustainability (social and environmental aspects) & circularity.

Partners with key stakeholders, to scope and implement pilots/projects across the value chain and support the long-term circular strategic vision, decoupling resources from growth and generating positive impact along the value chain

She has served in a variety of senior executive positions with the company including nine years as Deputy Strategy Officer of Inditex Group directly reporting to the President and CEO (2011-2020); Head of Corporate Stock Administration of Stores (2009-2011); International Corporate Administration (20062009). Previous to that Iria also served as experienced auditor on Deloitte and KPMG (2003-2006). Iria graduated from UDC Business School with Special Award of Excellence in Academic


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