Welcome to the Career Launch Pad (CLP) Program

This program is designed to provide the Class of 2021 Job Seekers with a chance to both build their career management skills and partake in a community, to help you continue to run an effective job hunt after graduation.


CLP Program Agenda

Snapshot view of your schedule including core program events along with the supplemental offerings

Study Planner

Holistic week-by-week view of your personal work during the 8-week program.

CLP Community

Resources to help keep you connected to your peers in the program in an impactful way. Increasing awareness on multiple levels will hopefully inspire fruitful conversations.

Modules Content

Check the flow of the program. Follow the homework assigned every week and submit your work to complete the requirements for your CLP certificate.

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  2. 2

    Module 1: Assessment Target Brand

    Week 2-4: May 17th - June 1st

  3. 3

    Module 2: Networking Nuts & Bolts

    Week 5-7, June 8th - 22nd

  4. 4

    Conclusion (Closing Module)

    Week 8, June 29th