Global Energy Day Conference 2023

The Global Energy Crisis: Leading the EU toward a sustainable energy future

March 9th, 2023 | IESE Barcelona Campus
From 8.30 to 17.00


Global Energy Day - Leading the EU toward a sustainable energy future

Energy is a critical component of a country's economic development and is widely utilized in almost every facet of our lives. In some ways, we’ve come full circle when it comes to energy. Ironically, the first sources of energy were the sun and wind, and here we are again looking to those and other sources; albeit in more technologically advanced and complex ways. What does the future of our energy supply look like as we move to more sustainable energy sources and what will it take (hint: it’s a lot)?

The IESE Energy Club is excited to host the Global Energy Day (GED) on March 9th, 2023. The theme of this years conference will be “The Global Energy Crisis: Leading the EU toward a sustainable energy future”. In line with this theme we will be hosting three different panel discussions on:

1. The Future of EU energy
2. Power to X                                                                               
3. Future of the Energy Supply Chain

The mission of this conference is to foster awareness and engagement with the energy sector amongst the IESE community and beyond, with a particular focus on the Energy Transition as this is an area that impacts us all.

GED Features:

  • Opening keynotes

  • 3 panels

  • 14 speakers

  • Wide industry presence

  • Networking

  • Buffet Lunch provided

  • Closing Cocktail

Opening Keynote Speaker:

Magnus Johansen

EVP Offtake

Panel 1: The Future of EU Energy Supply

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Europe has faced an unprecedented energy supply crisis leading to record electricity prices. The panel will discuss how the EU and its energy suppliers will adapt the energy supply mix to replace natural gas previously supplied by Russia and how it could impact the EU’s decarbonization plans? Will the EU accelerate its green transition to decrease reliance on Russian gas or will the EU increase the usage of fossil fuels from other sources to alleviate the crisis?


Alfredo Ingelmo

Head of ESG & Communications

Mercè Camprubí

Global Commercialization Manager
Siemens Energy

Jose Miguel Ferrer Rodriguez

Spain Country Manager

Antonio González Jiménez

Foro Nuclear

Adam Mattlar

VP, IESE Energy Student Club

Panel 2: Power to X

While grid connection capacity and offtake remain key challenges in developing renewables projects, “Power to X” solutions aim to alleviate this roadblock. The panel will discuss the state of “Power to X”, the unique challenges with implementation, the future outlooks for the various technologies, the use cases being proposed by the market, and what opportunities could be created for areas with an excess of renewables resources.


Ohiana Goicochea

Head of Hydrogen Business Development

Alberto Echeverri

Global Head of Innovation and Digital Portfolio
Siemens Energy

Laureano Álvarez

Monitor Deloitte

Joerg Unger

VP Low Carbon Emission Technologies & Projects

Carolina Alvarez C. Blanchet

Researcher, IESE Business School

Panel 3: Supply Chain for the Energy Transition

While the development and implementation of renewable energy technologies has significant momentum, the current suppliers of such technologies are concentrated to a few key geographies. The panel will discuss the implications of the supply chain for renewable energy generation and energy storage technologies, how these supply chains will evolve over the next decade, and the resulting potential geopolitical implications.


Pablo Fernandez Santos

Chief Engineering & Programs Officer

Oier Bolibar

Head of Global Service Sales
Meyer Burger

Susannah Wood

VP Public Affairs & Sustainability

Irene Rodríguez

Head of Sustainability, Vestas Mediterranean

Massimo Maoret

Professor, IESE Business School

Full Agenda

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