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We are IESE students and alumni interested in or belonging to family businesses. We share in common a career pursuit in managing and/ or owning privately-owned businesses. We believe in the transformational power of privately-owned businesses, which are able to largely impact people and society.



With the intention of the current owners to hand over the business to future generations, the SUCCESSION OBJECTIVE sets the framework for all business activities and decisions. It is the ultimate pillar of a family business.

We believe this objective can only be achieved with a solid CORPORATE GOVERNANCE and a SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS MODEL, assuring a long‑term success of the business. The Corporate Governance includes a set of guidelines for both the management (Business Governance) and the owning family (Family Governance).

We are furthermore convinced, that a continuous focus on the ENTREPRENEURIAL BEHAVIOUR and the LEADERSHIP COMPETENCE of all key stakeholders is mandatory to achieve this goal.

We do therefore select our club activities around these five pillars.