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The mandate of IESE Wine & Spirits is to deepen the understanding and appreciation of wine, spirits, cocktails, and beers, from both a hedonistic and business perspective.









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A great many of us enjoy wine (and other alcoholic beverages). We enjoy drinking it and occasionally, we enjoy learning about it. But do we have a personal relationship with it? Do we know exactly what we like? Are we confident in our ability to describe why we like it? And are we able to understand and appreciate what quality is? These are a few questions that IESE Wine & Spirits will seek to answer. We want to be a club that fulfills both a social and professional role for IESE. We want our members to develop a personal relationship with wine (and cocktails and beers) from Spain and across the world – one that deepens their understanding about the drink of their choice, and which will allow them to enjoy it on an intellectual as well as hedonistic level. We will achieve this objective by two means: 1) Host structured tastings (for example, the wines of Northern Spain) 2) Invite industry professionals to IESE (for example, inviting a Spanish winery to speak about their export markets and distribution channels) IESE has seen wine clubs in the past. Why are we different? With a wine consultant as President, we bring industry experience – fostering relationships with the wine (and alcoholic beverage) industry is something our club will strive for. We will give our members insights into the beverage industry beyond how to taste.

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