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Awards won by IESE Students

In recent years, IESE teams have performed strongly in international student competitions and won several awards relating to private equity and venture capital.


November 2013 - IESE team came out 3rd at this year's RSM PE competition

IESE team wins 3rd place at the RSM competition where 11 MBA schools participated this year. RSM was the winner followed by Manchaster. It is the 4th edition of the RSM competition and the 3rd time in a row that IESE ranks among the top 3.
Amit Vats: "The whole experience was very enriching and full of learning. The case was challenging but interesting, and the deadlines around iterative deliveries kept us on toes, including nights without sleep and days without proper food...". Congratulations to this year's team for their great result!

Left to Right: Yanal Altidoka, Amit Vats, Dmitrii Lebedev, Jake Yoo & Vivek Sharma.

April 2013 - IESE’s ambition pays off at the 16th Annual International Venture Capital Investment Competition

When deciding upon a school to attend IESE’s track record at the Venture Capital Investment Competition played a strong role and fueled our ambition that we could win at the International Final in North Carolina. 

The competition in Tar Heel country was fierce with almost all teams made up of 2nd years and IESE as one of two 1st year teams and the youngest on average. More than 60 schools participated in regional events, with 10 making it through to the finals (some schools also had internal competitions before the regionals). The final decision came down to a breaking vote. 

In the end, our team consisting of Mark Trevitt, Anton Bischof, Otto Ecroyd, Lucas Mendes and Konrad Hintermair clinched 2nd place globally and best in Europe.  It has been an incredible journey and we have learnt more than we ever could have imagined about the venture capital process and working together as a team.  

The most valuable aspect has been the opportunity to interact and learn from the accumulated wisdom of established practitioners who were generous enough to give us their time.  We sincerely appreciate the contribution of all the venture capitalist Judges and Entrepreneurs who volunteered their time and expertise for us to benefit from.

Left to Right: Anton Bischof, Mark Trevitt, Konrad Hintermair, Lucas Mendes & Otto Ecroyd

Left to Right: Anton Bischof, Mark Trevitt, Konrad Hintermair, Lucas Mendes & Otto Ecroyd.


April 2013 - IESE team wins IPEC competition

A group of IESEans once again called the shots at an international competition. Leonce Ano, Luca Marzano, Diego de Paula, Pietro Ceresa & Jakub Dzik are taking top honors during this year´s edition of the IESE Private Equity Competition (IPEC) and turning the stage lights towards our school.

IPEC - IESE Private Equity Competition 2013


November 2012 - IESE team wins 3rd edition of RSM Private Equity Competition in Rotterdam

In November 2012, after a week of hard work, IESE wins the 3rd edition of the RSM Private Equity Competition at Rotterdam School of Management, competing against 9 other European MBA schools.

Left to Right: Johannes Grasser, Anton Bischof, Olga Nikiforova, Anjaneya Shiroor & Takemune Iwasa.