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IPEC - IESE Private Equity Competition

What is it about?
IPEC is a competition that simulates a real-life private equity transaction. Teams from different MBA schools will have the chance to negotiate with, and present in front of judges from private equity firms and in front of managers and bankers who actually participated in the case deal.

To find out more about the competition please refer to the IPEC presentation.

How does the competition works?
The competition simulates a real-life private equity buyout and features two rounds, the internal round and the final round. 

Internal Round
In the internal round each school selects the best team that will represent the school in the final round in Barcelona. This round begins with the distribution of the case. Teams will then have a period to prepare and submit several deliverables for the internal round judges, in particular, an indicative offer, the return calculations, the valuation of the target company and the sources and uses of funds. The internal round ends with a 10 minutes presentation and Q&A by the teams before the internal round judges. Each school can define its own dates for the internal round and define specific rules for the selection of the teams that will represent the school in the final round in IESE. 

Final Round
In the final round, each team from each school will negotiate and present their final investment proposal to the panel of judges in Barcelona, at the IESE Campus. This round begging with the distribution of the final case materials. Then the teams have about two weeks to prepare and submit a financial model, a deal proposal, a management term sheet and a bank term sheet.
On the competition day, during the morning, the teams will have to negotiate their proposal with (i) the actual managers and (ii) the bankers who participated in the deal and (iii) with the judges representing the private equity firm investment committee. Each negotiation round takes about 20 minutes. After the negotiation rounds, and during the afternoon, the teams will have to present their final investment proposal in front of all the judges with a subsequent Q&A period. Each presentation will take in total 25 minutes, 15 minutes for the presentation and 10 minutes for the Q&A.

What is unique about the IPEC and what's in it for students?

  • Prize: Winning team earns a prize of €2,000, granted by one of the sponsors' of the event;
  • “Real-life” experience: it’s a real case, with the actual professionals that took part in the transaction;
  • Learning opportunity: great learning experience which rewards your efforts;
  • Networking: opportunity to network with Private Equity professionals and top MBAs from other schools;
  • Fun: Last but not least, the IPEC always coincides with the IESE Spring Games, one of the largest and hottest sports / social events for MBA students.

How are the teams formed?
Teams must be formed by 5 MBA students. Teams should be diverse and include people with different backgrounds. Students are only allowed to participate once in the competition.  

Who organizes the IPEC?
The IPEC is organized by the IESE Private Equity Club and is supervised by Professor Heinrich Liechtenstein, in collaboration with leading private equity firms and financial advisers. IPEC has successfully run since 2011, and has been counting with the participation of leading European MBA schools, such as IE, INSEAD, LBS and HEC.

Heinrich Liechtenstein -
Pascal Michels -

Organizing Committee
João Diogo Stoffel (General Coordinator) -
Felipe Bascur (Scientific Coordinator) -
Álvaro Merino (Budget and Sponsors) -
Luis Arias (Collaborator) -
Yali Wang (Collaborator) -
Ignácio Fuente (Collaborator) -


Key dates for IPEC 2016?

Internal Round at IESE

  • Feb 10: Distribution of all first round case materials;
  • Feb 25: Teams submit (i) indicative offer, (ii) return calculations, (iii) valuation and (iv) sources & uses of funds;
  • Mar 1: Short presentations and Q&A for the internal finals. First round winner goes to IPEC's final round in Barcelona.
Final Round
  • Mar 6: Distribution of final round case materials;
  • Mar 20: Teams submit (i) financial model, (ii) deal proposal, (iii) management term sheet and (iv) bank term sheet;
  • April 8: Competition day in Barcelona and networking cocktail.
Dates maybe subject to changes.

Registrations for IPEC 2016?

IESE Students
: 8 February 2016
Registration: please complete the following survey.

Other MBA Schools
Deadline: 4 March 2016
Registration: Please complete the following survey.