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Private Equity Club Newsletter (#1)

  1. Editor's Corner
  2. Interview with Cristina Badenes, an IESE Alumni and Partner of Meridia Capital, a Private Equity fund management firm, based in Barcelona 
  3. Status on the Club's Activities
  4. Recommended Links
  5. Private Equity Jargon
  6. News & Events from the Market 

1. Editor's Corner

For the Private Equity (PE) Officers, being part of a Club at IESE is more than just a group of students organizing activities. We think of ourselves as ambassadors of IESE, because we know that all our actions affect the School’s image and should be a reflection of its values and mission.

Having this in mind, the Board of the Private Equity Club (PE Club) defined three major goals to drive its action this year:

1. Improve the prestige of IESE – by improving the Club’s dynamics, we contribute to increase the perception of quality of IESE within the Students Community and in the PE Industry.

2. Increase the knowledge about the Industry within the members of the Club and in IESE – by organizing trainings and educational activities and by providing useful information.

3. Promote IESE in the PE industry and provide more career opportunities to MBA Candidates – by increasing the connection of IESE with the PE industry and by creating a network of alumni committed to put IESE in the map of PE recruitment. 

If you are interested in PE, even if it is just a long-term career goal, you should definitely join the Club and try to participate in our activities. Here is a short-list of advantages that you get by being member of the PE Club:

1. Participation in exclusive events like the PE Trek, the career fair presentations, networking dinners with Private Equity professionals, and other networking events;

2. Getting access to the Club’s resources and support, such as:

a. Financial support for participation in external PE competitions;

b. Career counseling with students with experience in PE;

c. Support in recruitment processes (CV, cover letters, and interviews preparation);

3. Discounts in all events that involve registration fees (e.g., IPEC and the PE Trek).

Many students feel skeptical about the usefulness of clubs and the motivation of their officers. The commitment of the PE Club is to invert this perception. It is an honor for us to be representatives of IESE and to be able to serve the School’s Community.

If Private Equity fascinates you, count on us to help you find and create a career opportunity.

2. Interview with Cristina Badenes

Investing in private equity is tantamount to investing in people, in a team, in a value which is more complex to manage.

"We look for top talent, people who stand out in the crowd and with a record of achievements in their different areas."

"Two years dedicated to studying at IESE have, in hindsight, added more to my professional career and personal growth than another two extra years of work.

Cristina Badenes is an IESE Alumni and a Partner for Institutional Relations & Corporate Development at Meridia Capital, a Barcelona-based PE fund management firm.

We interviewed Cristina Badenes and talked with her about her professional experience, the PE industry, careers in PE and, finally, about her times at IESE.

Full interview can be read through the following link (link). 

3. Status on the Club's Activities

Last activities

- Preparation of the Activity Plan and Budget for the academic year 15/16.

Coffee Chat on the 4th of June (Thursday) at 1:15 p.m. in G-302, with all the MBA Candidates with a PE (or related industries) internship. The MBA candidates shared their experiences in the recruitment processes and their expectations for the internships.

Interview with Cristina Badenes on the 4th of June.

Next activities

Coffee Chat in September with the MBA Candidates of 2016 that performed an internship in Private Equity or related industries (date to be announced). The purpose of the event is for the interns to share their PE internship experiences with the rests of the attendants.

PE Club Kickoff and presentation to the MBA Candidates 2017 (date to be announced).

4. Recommended Links

- Financial Times section on Private Equity (link).

- Investopedia video about Private Equity Fundamentals (link).

- Biggest buyouts in history (link).

- Educational resources in our Web Page (link).

- Statistics by the European Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (link).


5. Private Equity Jargon

- “Fire power – means mountains of cash out there ready to be put to work.  

- "Clawback– A clawback provision ensures that a general partner does not receive more than its agreed percentage of carried interest over the life of the fund. So, for example, if a general partner receives 21 percent of the partnership’s profits instead of the agreed 20 per cent, limited partners can claw back the extra one per cent.

6. News & Events from the Market


- IESE published the 2015 Venture Capital & Private Equity Country Attractiveness Index. US, UK, and Canada are the most attractive countries for Private Equity. New Zealand and Malaysia are the biggest climbers (link). 

- Carlyle leads $8bn Veritas buyout from Symantec (link).


- European Venture Capital & Private Equity Association organizes the VC Forum, on October 2015, in Berlin (link).