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DGDW 2008


The conference had a record participation with over 400 participants and over 40 speakers. The conference was opened by key-note speaker Daniel Garcia Guelbenzu, GE Regional VP Western Europe, highlighting the role of established corporations in the area. It was closed by a round-table discussion that gave answers as well as new questions for the coming 2009 conference on the question,” Is Capitalism Evolving?”. For the first time in the DGDW history, the CleanTech Venture Seminar was set up to facilitate investments in start-ups that improve the productive use of natural resources. In addition a separate Responsible Careers Forum was held for prospective employers and employees.

Keynote Speaker

  • Daniel Garcia Guelbenzu, GE Regional VP Western Europe


  • Golden Sponsors
    • Charity Bank
  • Networking Event Sponsors
    • One Carbon
    • MSD
    • BP



  • Daniel Garcia Guelbenzu, GE Regional VP Western Europe
  • Malcolm Hayday, CEO, The Charity Bank
  • Emilio Estrada Velo, Vice President, BP Spain
  • Jan Willem Bode, CEO of One Carbon part of the Econcern Group
  • David Dean, Senior Partner and Managing Director, The Boston Consulting Group
  • Mark Fulton, Managing Director and Head of Climate Change Strategy, Deutsche Asset Management, Deutsche Bank
  • Prof. Aristide Massardo, Univ. Of Geneva/Director of Rolls Royce Fuel Cell Research Centre at UNIGE
  • Pamela Hartigan – Director of the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurs
  • Prof. Jean Bernard Michel, Engineering College of Geneva
  • Russel Mills, Director of External Technology and Innovation, The Dow Chemical Company
  • Charles Donovan, Head of Structuring, BP Alternative Energy
  • Mark Goldsmith, Head of the Environmental, Social and Governance Team, Actis Private Equity
  • Rene Kim, Partner, Triple Value Strategy Consulting Royal Philips Electronics
  • Hiti Singh, Microfinance Institutions Group, Morgan Stanley
  • Alicia Granados, External Affairs and CR Manager, Merck & Co.
  • Isabelle Le Galo, Medtronic
  • Jean Claude Rodriguez, Ashoka
  • David Camps, Fund Raising Manager, Oxfam International
  • Andrea Sobrio, Executive Insight Consulting
  • Nik Nesbitt, Founder and CEO, KenCall – Outsourcing in Kenya
  • Reuben Abraham, Director of the BOP Learning Lab in India, a JV between ISB and Cornell and Board Member of George Soros’ Economic Development Fund (SEDF)
  • Prof. Johanna Mair, Winner of the Aspen Instititute 2007 Faculty Pioneer Award, IESE Business School
  • Prof. Christian Seelos, Head of the IESE Platform for Strategy and Sustainability
  • Floris Lambrechtsen, Director, Double Dividend
  • Mike Kaiser, CEO, Agelos Social Ventures
  • Jim Dearth, MD, Retired CEO, Children’s Hospital of Alabama
  • Carmen Becerril, ex- Director General de Acciona Energía
  • Sebastian Walburg, Managing Partner, Sustainable Investments Capital
  • Belen Tubio, Concentrated Solar Power Analyst, Santander Structured Finance
  • Ralph Schonenbach, CEO, Trestle Group and Board Member, Trestle Group Foundation
  • Pablo Lazo, Urban Designer, Arup Engineering
  • Jubilant Wera, Founder and CEO, Park East Africa
  • Carlos Bendito, Director, Business Development, Triodos Bank
  • Varun Sahni, India Director, Acumen Fund
  • Dr. P. Micossi, CEO Holding Sanitr e Servizi
  • Lisa D. Sherk, Blue Orchard Debt Team
  • Prof. Bernardo Villegas, IESE Business School