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DGDW 2010

Overview and Highlights

The 2010 Doing Good and Doing Well Conference (DGDW), hosted in partnership with IESE Business School, challenged more than 680 attendees to explore how socially responsible organizations and companies can go from “Niche to Mass Market.” More than 100 speakers shared their perspectives on how businesses can scale their organizations successfully and the challenges they face in growing their operations.

The conference drew a diverse audience of professionals and students representing 70 nationalities and 23 Net Impact chapters, including students from nearly every major business school in Europe. Over two days attendees expanded their networks, explored career opportunities and gained insights from our distinguished speakers.

Highlights included

  • Engaging keynote addresses from Michel Camdessus, former Managing Director of the IMF, and Vicky Colbert, Founder and Executive Director of Escuela Nueva
  • 28 dynamic panels such as “Today, Tomorrow and the Future of Energy: Kyoto, Copenhagen and Beyond”, and “NGOs, Government Organizations, Nonprofits: Working Together for Social Impact”
  • Cleantech Venture seminar entrepreneurs presented their business ideas to venture capitalist firms and IQ Wind was awarded the first ever DGDW viewer’s choice award
  • Social entrepreneurs discussed their business models at the Social Entrepreneurship Workshop and WiHood was awarded the viewer’s choice award
  • 30 exhibitors at the Career Forum shared job opportunities and career advice

While attendees and speakers shared concerns about how the financial crisis would affect the expansion of socially responsible businesses, many agreed there has never been a more important time to grow these businesses. Joint efforts by the nonprofit, the for-profit and the public sector will be necessary to make them part of the mainstream economy.


Gold Sponsors

  • Criteria Caixa Grou
  • Exxon Mobile
  • MSD
  • Solvay

Supporting Sponsors

  • Charity Bank
  • MBNA: Bank of America

In kind Sponsors

  • Cordorniu
  • Devex
  • Makolab


Speakers 2010

Keynotes Confirmed

  • Zein Abdalla – CEO, PepsiCo Europe
  • Michel Camdessus – Managing Director of the IMF (1987-2000)
  • Vicky Colbert – Founder and Executive Director, Escuela Nueva
  • Rodney Schwartz – Founder, ClearlySo

Keynote Panelists


  • Mike Rosenberg – Professor, IESE Business School


  • Thomas Bergmark – Sustainability Manager, IKEA Group
  • Joseph Feczko – Former Chief Medical Officer (retired), Pfizer
  • Antonio Rodriguez de Lucio – Spain Advisory Energy Leader, PWC


Speakers Confirmed (listed in alphabetical order)


  • Reuben Abraham – Faculty and Director, Indian school of Business
  • Wren Aigaki-Lander, Offset Options
  • Dalal Al-Waheidi, Free The Children
  • Thomas Anglero, WiHood AS/LLC
  • Michael Anthony – Head of Global Microhealth Insurance Portfolio, Allianz
  • Esfandiar Ardalan – Pharma Sustainability Officer, Roche
  • Mariama Ashcroft – Manager of Relationship Management, Africa, Women’s World Banking
  • Javier Ayala Arnez – Leader of the Inclusive Business Program, SNV
  • Ali Baghaei – CEO, Oceanlinx
  • Antonio Ballabriga – Director of Social Responsibility, BBVA
  • Todd Beane – International Director, Johan Cruyff Institute of Sport Studies
  • Peter Bernstorff – Sales Manager, Vestergaard Frandsen
  • Erol Bilecen – Director, Sarasin
  • Roberto Bini – General Manager, Turboden
  • Jose Luis Blasco – Head of Global Sustainability Services, KPMG in Spain
  • Mukti Bosco – Founder & Secretary General, Healing Fields Foundation
  • Gib Bulloch – Director of Accenture Development Partnerships (ADP), Accenture
  • Phil Caldwell – Director of Business Development, Intelligent Energy
  • Maria Calvo – Country Rep, Ashoka Spain
  • Davide Cannarozzi – Finance and Operations Director, Enertika
  • Christopher Carnie
  • Martin Casey, CEMEX
  • Gavin Chait, Whythawk
  • Emma Coles, Health Insurance Fund
  • Jonas de Miguel – Director Environmental Technologies, Agbar
  • Miquel de Paladella, Global Movement for Children
  • Guiseppe de Palma – Vice President European Union Affairs, ExxonMobil
  • Markus Dolder, ICRC
  • Brigitte Duerr – Project Manager Poverty Reduction, UNDP
  • Patrick Dunne – Group Communications Director, 3i Group
  • Steffen Ehrhardt – Product Specialist & Project Manager Emerging Markets, Google Germany
  • Niels Ferdinand, BSD Consulting
  • Javier Fernandez-Cueto, Compartamos
  • Ramon Folch Soler – Director Responsibilidad Social Corporativa, ISS Facility Services
  • Christine Freiburghaus – CSR and Transparency Observation, University of Chile
  • Almudena Gallo – Director of Human Resources, Criteria Caixa Corp
  • Juan Gonzalez-Valero – Head of Corporate Responsibility, Syngenta International AG
  • Louis Guay – CSR Coodrinator for the Americas, Department of Foreign Affairs & International Trade, Canada
  • Ken Gustavsen – Director Corporate Responsibility, Merck & Co.
  • Sameer Hajee, Nuru Design
  • Malcolm Hayday – Chief Executive, Charity Bank
  • Lisa Hehenberger, IESE Business School
  • Andreas Heinecke – Founder and CEO, Dialogue Social Enterprise GmbH
  • Simon Henzell-Thomas – Head of Sustainable Development, The Body Shop
  • Gregory Hess – Professor, RPM
  • Caroline Hickson, CONCERN worldwide
  • Rick Hutley – VP Global Innovations, Cisco
  • Jonathan Jenkis, UnLtd
  • Oliver Karius – Partner, LGT Venture Philanthropy
  • Shainoor Khoja – Director of Corporate Affairs, Roshan
  • Ralph Klingmann – New Business Director for Emerging Markets, Solvay
  • Simone Kloss, Adi Dassler Foundation, Adidas
  • Emmanuel Lagarrigue – Senior Vice-President for Central Western Europe, Schneider Electric
  • Robert Lanyon – Corporate Citizenship & Community Investments Manager, ExxonMobil
  • Mireia Las Heras – Assistant Professor, IESE Business School
  • Heinrich Liechtenstein – Professor, IESE Business School
  • Tobias Lorenz – Founder,
  • Lisa Lovatt-Smith, OrphanAid Africa
  • Lajana Manandhar, LUMANTI Suppport Group for Shelter
  • Marta Mariné, PRASAD
  • Joana Pérez Martorell – Coordinadora, UNICEF Comité Autonómico de Cataluna
  • Lorenzo Massa, IESE Business School
  • Shannon McGuire Mulholland – Executive Director of Rural Development Connections and CEO, Safi Coffee
  • Amit Mehra – Founder and Managing Director, Reuters Market Light
  • Clara Menéndez – Principal Investigator, Hospital Clinic Barcelona
  • Paul Moclair, Aflatoun
  • Cedric Mulier – EMEA Sustainability Sales Director, SAP
  • Sarah Murray – Journalist, FT
  • Zemedeneh Negatu – Managing Partner, Ernst & Young LLP (Ethiopia)
  • Yamile Nesrala, Endeavor
  • George Njenga – Founder and former Dean, Strath Business School
  • Kirsten Panerali – Country Manager France, AES Solar
  • Gopinath Parayil, The Blue Yonder
  • Alfredo Pastor, IESE Business School
  • Sonja Patscheke – Consultant, FSG Social Impact Advisor
  • Philip Peck, International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics
  • Francois Perrot, Ecole Polytechnique
  • Sanjay Peters – Economist, IESE Business School
  • Andrius Plepys, International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics
  • Ricard Pons – Executive Consultant and member of IBM Technical Experts Council, IBM
  • Lila Preston – Director, Generation Investment
  • Jordi Renart i Vila, WFP
  • Patrick S. Renz – President, Aid Governance
  • Alberto Ribera – Professor, IESE Business School
  • Romeu Rodrigues – CEO, CETA Construction
  • Jean-Claude Rodriguez-Ferrera Massons – Founder and Director, CAF
  • Magdalene Rosenmöller – Professor, IESE Business School
  • Hugo Ruiz – Director, TasEuro
  • Hemant Sahal, CALLMAT
  • Miguel Salgot – Professor, University of Barcelona
  • Alfonso Santos – Energy Sector Sales Business Manager, Cisco
  • Dr. Kunihiko Shimada – Principal international policy coordinator, Global Environment Bureau, Japan’s Ministry of the Environment
  • Dana Smith – Managing Director, Trestle Group
  • Eduard Soler Babot – Director of Business Development, Abengoa Solar
  • Kostas Stamoulis – Director, Agricultural Development Economics Division, Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)
  • Michael Steidl – Managing Director, MSC
  • Robert Strand – PHD Fellow, Center for CSR at Copenhagen Business School
  • Alan Sutherland – Chief Executive, Water Industry Commission for Scottland
  • Jacques Toureille – General Manager, Aga Khan Agency for Microfinance
  • Beate Trück – Managing Director, European Venture Capital Association
  • Johannes Tynes – Founder, Clean Power Capital
  • Andrew Walker – Senior Vice President of Global Marketing and Communications, Sony Ericsson WTA Tour
  • Tricia Wallace, TechnoServe
  • Chuck Waterfield – CEO & Founder, MF Transparency
  • Jesper Wohlert – General Coordinator, Humana People to People