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DGDW 2013


New forms of collaboration in the heath care industry beyond  investment
Moderator:  María Sotomayor Ruiz, Novartis
Speaker:  Rafael Vilasanjuan, ISGLOBAL
Speaker:  Gopala Krishnan, China-India Entrepreneur


Community Building and Creative Entrepreneurship in Asia: Sharing Experiences
Speaker:  François Jaquenoud,  1001 Fontaines Pour Demain Initiative


Its harder to operate when you are needed most –  NGO’s in the crisis environment”
Speaker:  Vanezza Zabert, GawadKalinga


Market Mechanisms for Creating a Clean Energy Future
Speaker:  Guiseppe De Palma, ExxonMobil


Can new technologies solve our largest energy and natural resource challenges?
Moderator:  Kira Matus, London School of Economics


The IESE Cleantech Venture Forum is organized by the IESE Energy club. This year the club is proud to bring to you the 6th annual Cleantech Venture Forum. The event will be held in Barcelona on Friday, February 22nd 2013 as part of IESE’s 10th annual Doing Good Doing Well Conference (DGDW).

The forum brings world-class entrepreneurs and investors together for a focused day of pitches showcasing the latest technologies and business models in cleantech. Venture Capitalists and Business Angels from around the globe investing in cleantech will ask probing questions and provide feedback as judges for the forum.

The forum will begin with brief introductions of the venture partners present and overviews of their respective investment strategies. The focus of the forum will be the presentations from investible companies developing innovative solutions to improve the productive use of natural resources. Businesses presenting will range in size and maturity from pre-revenue to growth stage. Entrepreneurs have a unique opportunity to pitch to several leading venture capital firms and receive pre-conference support from top European MBA students.