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The IESE Consulting Club strives to support IESE students interested in commencing a career in consulting, with relevant information and training, supplied through the Consulting Club, sponsored students with consulting backgrounds, and consulting companies.









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We support IESE students interested in consulting along four phases to get a consulting internship/full-time position: 1. Industry discovery: Understanding what consulting is about, what types of consulting exist and who the relevant players are. The Consulting Club provides general information and organises events from recruiting consulting companies on campus 2. Written application: Preparing a compelling application (cover letter + CV). The Consulting Club provides guidelines for cover letters/CVs and offers CL/CV reviews by sponsored students with consulting backgrounds 3. Consulting interviews: Prepare to excel in case interviews. The Consulting Club provides guidance on case books, helps to organise mock interviews with your peers and offers mock interviews with sponsored students with consulting backgrounds 4. Trainings: The Consulting Club offers some trainings for students who received offers, e.g., on interviewing, communication, powerpoint, etc.

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