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Welcome to the IESE Healthcare Club Website!


Our mission:

"To position the IESE MBA as the leading MBA talent pool for healthcare companies by increasing the understanding of the industry and careers among students and supporting them in pursuing a career in healthcare."

To achieve our mission, the IESE Healthcare Club has prepared an ambitious calendar of events and activities for the academic year 2018-2019. These events are mainly divided into three categories: "Learn about the Healthcare sector", "Network within the healthcare sector" & "Getting a job in the healthcare sector", with many events belonging to two or more categories.



  • Seminars to understand the different MBA roles in the Healthcare industry: Dinners with IESE alumni (Learn & Network)
  • Seminars by IESE professors and IESE Career Services about the structure and challenges of the Healthcare industry (Learn)
  • Company visits in the Barcelona area (Learn, Network & Job)

HEALTHCARE DAY (March 26th, 2019)
  • The Healthcare Day is an event to discover the future trends in Pharma and Medical Devices and to interact with the speakers, managers, and HR representatives from the healthcare industry attending the event  (Learn, Network & Job)


  • Healthcare Trek to Basel, Switzerland (Network & Job)
  • Healthcare Trek to Madrid, Spain (Network & Job)


  • Seminar on how to apply to Healthcare jobs and internships, by IESE Career Services (Learn & Job)
  • Panels with former IESE summer interns in healthcare (Network & Job)
  • Year-round coaching on CV and cover letter preparation for healthcare applications (Learn & Job)