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Become part of our vibrant and unique Mexican community and culture.


About Us

Our main goal is strengthen the connection of IESE community with Mexico, recruiters and Mexican alumni. We aim to open career opportunities for club members (mexicans and non-mexicans) in Mexico and to foster the Mexican culture within IESE

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Members Benefits

Events & Activities

Priority and discounts to Mexican dinners & parties (one of the most popular at IESE!)


Access to network in private events with Mexican and international companies to help club members make informed decisions about their future careers


Continuous assistance to help students adjust to their new life in Barcelona

Members' Experiences

One of the best things at IESE is the international experience and exposure we have with colleagues from all over the world, and, even better, the opportunity to share Mexican culture, food and music with the IESE community through the Mexican Club.

David Pozas

MBA Candidate, Class of 2021

The Mexican Club has helped me in many ways, but the one I value the most is that it helped me expand my network in Mexico. The background variety of the members has helped me connect with new, amazing and interesting opportunities in Mexico.

Santiago Ganem

MBA Candidate, Class of 2021

Sharing business and cultural aspects of Mexico with IESE students, and experiencing how foreign students engaged, has been one of my best memories. With the club, we have different opportunities to share what we like the most about our country.

Eugenia de los Rios

MBA Candidate, Class of 2021

I came to IESE to learn about the world and the opportunities outside of Mexico. I was surprise that through the club, I found plenty of opportunities within my country and I helped foreigners who are interested to live in Mexico after the MBA to achieve it.

Francisco Elosua

MBA Candidate, Class of 2021


Mexican Business Club

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