Women in Business

Gender Equality is Everyone's Business


About Us

The Women in Business Club (WiB) is a student-run organization that focuses on creating spaces where students, faculty, staff and alumni can collaborate and learn from each other, promoting inclusive teamwork, raising awareness on gender equality and fostering an environment where everyone thrives. Our mission is to empower the next generation of leaders within the IESE community, actively contributing to gender equality in the workplace and beyond. The WiB club works to increase opportunities for all at IESE through networking events, speaker series, professional development workshops, and more. We aim to inspire, educate and collaborate with all members of the IESE community through 3 main thought pillars: 1. Educate and Engage, 2. Inspire and Empower, and 3. Connect and Collaborate.









Our Team

Arturo Clemente Isaza Profile

Arturo Clemente Isaza

Operations/Finance Lead
Stephanie Tait Profile

Stephanie Tait

AnnMarie Valiakulathil Profile

AnnMarie Valiakulathil

Events Lead
Maria del Pilar Elizaga Profile

Maria del Pilar Elizaga

Skills Lead
Gabriela Ferreira Galera Profile

Gabriela Ferreira Galera

Internal Relations
Estefania Mora Profile

Estefania Mora

Skills Lead
Damini Jain Profile

Damini Jain

External Relations
Monica Redondo Profile

Monica Redondo

Camilo Thomas Profile

Camilo Thomas

VP Allies
Rosaleen Sahoo Profile

Rosaleen Sahoo

Community Lead
Sophie Asselot Profile

Sophie Asselot

Gazal Garg Profile

Gazal Garg

Events Lead
Florian Jan Franz Graf Strachwitz Profile

Florian Jan Franz Graf Strachwitz

Community Lead
Júlia Gifra Profile

Júlia Gifra